Meet the Wanderers

While on Stockton Island in the Apostles Islands National Lakeshore recently, I and my traveling companion met a family who’s been travelling the country for the past two years. They’re part of a larger group of people who have decided to live by wandering. These folks, the Currens, homeschool their children and live in an Airstream trailer.

National Parks are one of their favorite educational tools. Their kids have 75 junior ranger badges from their travels. We met them at an evening ranger talk about black bears. Follow this link for an account of their Stockton Island trip and to learn more about how they pull off their lifestyle.

After the Apostle Islands, the Currens travelled to my hometown of Duluth. Now they are on the North Shore of Lake Superior. What an adventure!


3 thoughts on “Meet the Wanderers

  1. This kind of lifestyle is so appealing to me — Ivan and I have often conversed about whether we could “really” make it work. You can bet I’ll be blogging about it if we ever manage to pull it off!

    • Hi Lacey! Cool, I did not know you and Ivan were thinking about that. On the Curren’s website, if you look under the full time travel section, you’ll see a link to finances and money. It could give you some ideas…..

      • Ha ha, yes — I forwarded the link to Ivan and we both shared later that we had skipped straight to the finances section when we reviewed the site separately. So I guess we’re practical dreamers. 🙂

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