Writers’ Bumps: An Endangered Condition?


Photo by Jak of the Mast Cells & Collagen Behaving Badly blog.

The picture above of the middle finger is not me flipping you off. It’s not even my finger. I found it on this blog. I am featuring it here because it shows a writer’s bump, which is something I, and many other writers have.

These bumps are formed from the pressure of a pen or pencil pushing against the middle finger when a person is writing. If you’re right-handed, it will form on your right hand. If you’re left-handed, it will form on your left.

I once asked a manicurist if she could ever tell what profession a person has from looking at their hands. She had never considered it. Then I told her about how to spot a writer from their bump. I’m sure she was edified forever by this information and it changed how she approached her job.

I realized the other day that my writer’s bump is much smaller than it used to be, presumably because I hardly ever use a pen anymore, opting instead for a computer keyboard. This caused me some dismay since I rather like my writer’s bump and the distinction it gives my profession.

Then, I realized in horror that most young people probably don’t have a writer’s bump. They might not even know what one is since they all use phone and computer keyboards.

Truly, writers’ bumps are endangered. We just can’t stand by and let them disappear. They have been with society for hundreds of years. Somebody should do something about this. We need a public information campaign to “Save the Writers’ Bumps!”

Where is the outrage? Why are we complacent with the disappearance of this badge of honor earned by hours of slaving over paper with a writing utensil?

Cast aside your computer keyboards and your phones my friends. Start a movement!

(Smirk. I think not. I actually love the convenience and speed of typing.)


9 thoughts on “Writers’ Bumps: An Endangered Condition?

  1. Oh, Marie, I have one but it is rather deflated these days! Mine started in school and then continued on into college without computers. I did do journals by hand for a time and now am down to a travel journey. It still gives me pleasure to put pen to paper but I don’t want to give up my laptop! No, kids today would not know what a writer’s bump is.

  2. I’m 18 and I have a writer’s bump. I enjoy writing more with a pen and pencil than with a computer. I first had it when I was young but the older I’ve become the smaller the bump. I sort of grew into it.

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    • Hi Marc. What you have must not be a writer’s bump then. Is there something you do alot with your left hand that could be causing a callous? Or maybe it’s not a callous, but something else.

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