The Rachel Files: Final Entry

This weekend, my temporary housemate who moved out a year and a half ago came to pick up the rest of her stuff that I was storing in my garage. “Rachel” was finally able to get her own apartment (after moving in with another, more suitable housemate).

I was happy to have the space in my garage back, and I was happy that she hadn’t been living with me for that whole time. Can you imagine how insane I would be by now? (To read the beginning of the three-month saga from 2013, start here –Half-Empty Nest Syndrome— and read onward.) As it is, we were able to hug and wish each other well.

I sure hope her building has a good plumber!

5 thoughts on “The Rachel Files: Final Entry

  1. Well, I almost hated to see this final installment because I felt as though I was becoming addicted to your stories about Rachel. Digging the panties out of trash can was probably the top insane moment for me regarding your temp roommate Rachel. I felt a little sorry for her, but obviously she needed to go. One question: Were you afraid she might read your blog and know you were writing about her, or would it have mattered to you if she did?
    Thanks for the entertainment!
    Sonny Bohanan

    • Hi Sonny. Thanks for following my blog. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Rachel Files. And to think, the orange panties were just the beginning…

      Yes, I was hesitant to write about Rachel’s and my misadventures. That’s why I didn’t use her real name. But I found I needed to write about the experience to put it in perspective and to help explain things to myself, if for no other reason. I tried to be understanding and kind to her. Some of my friends who also followed the saga have since told me I was way too kind to her. But I’d rather have that fault than the other way around.

      I saw Rachel a few weeks ago. She had dyed her hair purple and said she was doing great. She’s still living on her own in an apartment. I still hope it has a good plumber! 😉

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