Regressing in Prescott

Image courtesy of Deva.

When Russ and I travel, we usually do many “outward-looking” things like hiking, biking, seeing the sights, etc. For our recent trip to Arizona, we decided to go on a more inward adventure. We contacted a local psychic for past life regression sessions.

I’ve never shopped for a psychic before, but I figured the internet was a good start. A search of psychics in the Prescott area came up with three hits. The one that looked the most legit to me was “Psychic Readings by Deva.” Deva does readings by appointment only. She lives in a lovely home on the outskirts of Prescott.

We corresponded by email to set up the appointment. That went fine, except on my end. I was so distracted by dealing with the details of our impending trip that I sent Deva the incorrect dates of our visit. I thought I was setting our sessions up for the end of February and she thought they were going to be at the end of March!

When we showed up a month early, of course, she wasn’t home. Her husband was, though, and we were able to set up a session with Deva for the following day. Deva was very accommodating about this and I am forever grateful. I’m usually not such a scatterbrain. Was I unconsciously trying to sabotage the experience? Only Carl Jung can answer that!! (Get it? The famous Swiss psychoanalyst? Anyway…)

Besides past life regressions, Deva does tarot card readings, hypnosis, and energy work. She’s originally from Germany and has an accent that fits a session on a couch, which is where we laid during our separate hour-long regressions in her basement.

But first, while we were still sitting upright, Deva asked why we wanted the sessions. We basically just said we wanted a different vacation experience. Deva explained that in past lives, we could be different genders and races. There could be some violence involved since human history is so full of wars and conflict.

Russ went on the couch first while I waited upstairs, reading a book.

I was looking forward to the experience. I can’t say that I’m a true “believer” in past lives, but I am open and curious. I was bummed when I feared I had messed up our opportunity with the date snafu and was so glad that it worked out, after all.

A past-life regression is definitely not something I would have ever considered doing at home, where life is so busy. However, years ago, I bumped into a group past life session that was going on once down the hall from a meeting I had in the same building. A bunch of handouts entitled, “Tips for a Group-Guided Past Life Regression Experience” lay on a table, beckoning me. I picked one up.

One of the tips was to ignore your critical thinking so you can be fully present in the experience. This is very hard for me because I’m judgmental and critical by nature. Another was to trust that the information that drops into your mind during the regression is exactly what you’re supposed to see, even if it feels like you’re making it up.

When it was my turn, Deva spent about 20 minutes of the session on relaxation – taking me from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. Then came some imagery work that prepared me for exploring my past life/lives.

I ended up describing three lives. I really did feel like I was just making it all up, but thanks to that handy stolen tip sheet, I realized that was okay. I was male in two of the past lives, and female in one. One of the lives had a lot of violence and loss, but the other two were rather tame, except for a prairie fire and an absent husband.

In each life, I learned a lesson. None of the lessons were things that particularly resonated with me currently, and I didn’t really see anyone in my past lives that is in my current life. But I did end the session with a deep feeling of loss. Tears welled into my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. Deva found some tissues for me. 😊

I felt like I’d been through a ringer afterwards. It felt like one of those vacation experiences I often tend to get myself into — like a trail that’s way more difficult than the guidebook described.

On our way back to our hotel afterwards, Russ and I exchanged notes. He explored one life during his session. It seemed like it was in greater detail than my lives. But there were many similarities in it to the life of mine that had a lot of violence and loss. We were even the same ethnicity, although we were in different time periods. The lessons learned in these separate lives were eerily the same.

The session helped me understand some of my passions and dislikes and why I seem to have lost my green thumb.

In summary, Deva was great. The experience was unique, but if you do a past life regression, don’t expect a flippant jaunt down a flat trail, even if the guidebook classifies it as “easy.”

7 thoughts on “Regressing in Prescott

  1. Not what I expected when you said you and Russ were going more inward and not something I imagined you doing. Thanks for sharing your experience in an honest way. It would be something I would consider for the experience. Not sure Husband would go along. I am not sure I believe in reincarnation, but there are some things one can’t explain. When I went to London for the first time, I felt as if I was coming home somehow and felt a strong connection. Maybe it was only my English roots. Excellent post!

    • Hi Jo Nell! As a sciency-type person, yes this experience was a stretch. But I like to challenge myself sometimes. One question I asked Deva was whether what we were experiencing could be ancestral memories versus our personal past lives. She said something like, whatever you see is what you need to see. I take it more as an exploration of the unconscious mind. Who knows where this stuff comes from? Have a good rest of your week!

  2. Wow, what an interesting experience. Although I am very practical in life, I have always tended to believe in a lot of “new agey” things. I have had psychic readings, and the general concept is that the info you receive is what the universe (or other side) thinks you need. The “trust what pops into your mind” concept seems like pretty standard advice. There are just some things you have to accept on faith. Very happy you shared your experience!

    • Thanks Diana! Yes, I’ve had a tarot card reading in the past, too, years ago. To me, those readings seemed geared toward understanding what might happen in the future or currently. I thought it would be interesting to go into the past. Have a good rest of your week.

  3. Hey Marie, Thanks for sharing that inward journey. In my experience with a Guide, I was able to see similar patterns to my present life journey…picking up from where I left off in the past & moving forward/evolving in this life. Interesting how some residual trauma follows me into this life & I have an opportunity to work through it!

    • Hi Michael and thank you for commenting! I’m glad you had a meaningful regression experience. Apparently, mine wasn’t as clear cut, but I am still figuring out the connections. I understand who/what my feeling of loss is connected to. The other things are still unfolding.

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