Book Review: Meander North by Marie Zhuikov

I so appreciate this book review of “Meander North” by blogger and fellow writer Vickie Smith.I especially like the paragraph where she mentions that my book/blog invites people along on my meanders. That is my hope – that my essays/posts inspire people to meander around on their own, plus have a few laughs while they do it.

Writing Near the Lake

[Meander North can be preordered through Itasca Books. It’s currently available at Zenith Bookstore, and will be available in other bookstores November 21.]

Marie Zhuikov’s newest book, Meander North, is a collection of essays, many from her blog Marie’s Meanderings, which she started writing in 2013. I look forward to each new post by Zhuikov, so when I had a chance to read Meander North, I was excited. Zhuikov selected some of her favorite blogs, then added essays, some of which have appeared in other publications.

Many of Zhuikov’s selections are about getting outdoors and enjoying nature. In her humorous essay “How X-C Ski Starvation Can Lead to Impaired Judgment,” she writes about one of her first cross-country skiing adventures of the season: “I . . . desperately needed to do something to break out of my winter slothfulness and raise my heart rate…

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Meander North by Marie Zhuikov

  1. Congratulations on your book, and thank you for sharing a lovely review, Marie. I’m so sorry I missed the book signing! It was on my schedule, but time slips away from me as I edit. I do plan to pick up a copy, though, on my next trip to Zenith Book Store when my order of the next installment of research materials arrives. Sending my best wishes. 💜

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