A Weekend in Egg Harbor and Peninsula State Park, Door County

A view of Lake Michigan along the Eagle Trail in Door County’s Peninsula State Park.

Russ and I have been meandering around a lot. I am so far behind with my blog! Where to start?

I will start in Door County, Wisconsin, where I needed to spend a weekend for a work event. This necessitated a stay in Egg Harbor on the shores of Lake Michigan. My event coincided with the town’s annual Pumpkin Patch Festival.

As a comparison for northern Wisconsin and Minnesota people, this festival rivals Bayfield’s Apple Festival. It lasts the weekend and gobs of people converge on the small town from all over. But instead of apple-everything (apple pies, apple jam, etc.) there’s pumpkin-everything.

Pumpkin Patch Festival-goers near the Egg Harbor Marina.

I had time to kill before work, so Russ and I were able to go on a little adventure. We drove about 10 miles away from Egg Harbor to Peninsula State Park. This park has a lot to offer and is very popular. It encompasses eight miles of Green Bay shoreline, northern hardwood forests, wetlands, meadows, and 150-foot high dolostone cliffs.

The view from atop Eagle Tower, Peninsula State Park.

We meandered over there on the advice of the guest book in our Airbnb. Some other Minnesotans had stayed there a few days before us and highly recommended the park and a trip to Eagle Tower within it. They were right! Eagle Tower is a newly rebuilt impressive structure that provides views of Lake Michigan and nearby islands. Visitors can either climb several stories of stairs or take an impressive ramp, which offers a more gradual ascent. Interpretive signs along the way offer insights into the views.

We were also hankering for a hike, so we chose Eagle Trail. It’s not far from the tower and parallels the shoreline for about two miles. The trail was rated “difficult,” but we scoffed a bit at this. Surely Wisconsin’s version of difficult couldn’t be that bad.

Russ hiking on Eagle Trail among the cedars.

Will we never learn? Apparently not. Eagle Trail was indeed “difficult.” Not all of it, but there were parts right along the shore that were eroded, which required scrambling over rocks and downed trees. Then there were the steep descent and ascents. The trail even has several “emergency access” locations. These are spots where it’s easy for emergency crews to evacuate hikers who have turned their ankles or worse. But we managed to avoid the need for a medical evacuation. Russ found the use of a hiking stick helpful. Although the trail was challenging, the views of the lake, cliffs, and cedar forests were worth it.

After our hike we drove a short way to visit the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.  Built in 1868, the lighthouse is perched on a cliff above Lake Michigan. A museum is inside it, but this was closed by the time we arrived.

The park also offers several campgrounds, a golf course, a nature center, amphitheater and twenty miles of bicycle trails. If we return someday, we hope to bring our bikes along.

Please enjoy more images in the slideshow below!

10 thoughts on “A Weekend in Egg Harbor and Peninsula State Park, Door County

  1. Beautiful photos! My spouse and I visited Door County in April of this year, and had the same thoughts on the Eagle Trail: “this isn’t too bad” to “oh, now I get it.” Glad you had a good time!

  2. How cool! Glad you both survived the difficult trail that you mocked! Love the photos. I’m going to Door County for a writing residency in April and I can hardly wait!

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