Two Sides of the Same Lake

A few blocks down a gravel road near our cabin in northern Minnesota sits a tiny lake, easily seen from the road. It’s so small that a football player with a good arm could throw the ball from one end to the other.

On a bright fall day a few weeks ago, I stopped to admire this lake. While the lake our cabin sits on was rocked with waves, this lake was calm in the shelter of trees. Only one cabin hunkers along its shores. Those folks own the land all around it, so it’s likely no other dwellings will appear in the future. Although small, the lake is deep – up to thirty feet – making it a favorite of local anglers. I almost always see wildlife when I visit: mink, muskrats, turtles, osprey.

I had my camera along and snapped several images in sequence, pointing to opposite sides of the lake. I was amazed by how such a small lake could look so different on either side. Below are two of my favorite images from that outing. They got me thinking about how people can be multi-faceted, too.

Ghost Birches
Tranquil Tamaracks

8 thoughts on “Two Sides of the Same Lake

  1. Beautiful photos and fascinating differences, Marie. It made me wonder if the “ghost birches” have dropped their leaves earlier than the tamaracks (the one in my yard does), or if they are in the process of dying. I have read that birch trees are vulnerable to changes in temperature and moisture levels.

      • I’m so grateful to hear that, Marie. I love birch trees and worried about how trees might be affected the drought this past year.

        So far, the winter has been mild with little need for shoveling and much of my work is online, both blessings in these times. Sending my best wishes to you! 💜

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