The Fish Dish: New Podcast Mixes Friends, Fun and Food

I’ve been busy at work lately, giving birth to a new podcast. If you want the latest “dish” about Great Lakes fish, you’ll want to listen to “The Fish Dish.” I host it with longtime coworker and friend Sharon Moen, Sea Grant’s Eat Wisconsin Fish Outreach Specialist. Besides introducing you to the people behind Wisconsin’s fishing and aquaculture industries, each episode includes a “Fish-o-licious” section where we cook a new fish recipe.

The first episode features Craig Hoopman, a sixth-generation commercial fisherman from Bayfield, Wisconsin. Hoopman shares his beginnings in the business, current challenges, plus his dreams for the future. Also, Sharon and I share our backgrounds in fishing and introduce listeners to the Eat Wisconsin Fish campaign. During the “Fish-o-licious” part of the show, we cook Greek-Style Lake Whitefish at Hoopman’s recommendation.

Tying it all together is ska music by Twin Ports band, Woodblind. Take a listen — let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “The Fish Dish: New Podcast Mixes Friends, Fun and Food

  1. Marie, I enjoyed it very much and thought I could have been listening to a show on NPR! It was fun and informative without being too technical or laden with statistics. The sound of fish cooking made me hungry for fish. I am a fan of rubs. I went to the episode extras and got to see Sharon in your kitchen. At least I think I heard her say it was Marie’s kitchen and it looked like your updated kitchen. Good luck on future podcasts. I learned some things about Wisconsin fishing. And good luck to Craig.

    • Thanks for taking the time to listen to the episode, Jo Nell. I wish there was some way you could get Great Lakes fish down in Texas, but maybe there’s a local equivalent, ha ha. You should try that Greek seasoning on some sort of delicate-tasting white fish. It’s so good! Yes, we were in my kitchen (good eye!) It’s nice to have a kitchen now that I don’t mind showing to people. We are working on the second podcast now. Will probably do one a month.

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