A New Venture

Hello Dear Readers

Like the photos you see on my blog? I’m starting a new venture selling my photos. Visit my personal website http://www.mariezwrites.com/photography.html to see my galleries and make a choice!

The way it works is, once you’ve decided on a photo, contact me throught the Contact page on my blog (http://www.mariezwrites.com/contact-1.html). Let me know if you’d like the image as a print, canvas-wrapped frame, or fine art metal (aluminum) print. Let me know what size you want and I will send you a quote. Payment will be through Paypal.

Other photographers — I’m looking for a service that will process photo orders for me. Which one do you use? How do you like it?

4 thoughts on “A New Venture

    • Ha ha, I’ve been wondering that, too. I have no idea how to go about that. That might be a good proejct for me when I retire in a few years. I just heard from my first photo customer, so exciting!

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