Lullabye Lumber Camp, a Bedtime Story

Once upon a time on Outer Island in Lake Superior, a lumber company cut much of the remaining old growth hemlocks and other trees to make baby furniture. The lumberjacks lived in a camp near sandstone ledges on the shore. They used a railroad built by previous loggers through the middle of the island to haul the heavy logs to a dock for shipping to shore. Eventually, the crew built an air strip so they could go home on weekends.

The company that used the wood was Lullabye Furniture of Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. By the 1960s, logging on the island cost too much, so the men left their camp. They also left behind the buildings, old trucks, a stove, a water tank.

Slowly, the forest took its revenge. Snow knocked down the buildings, the trucks rusted, animals carried away seat cushion stuffing for their nests. The forest regrew, swallowing the lumber camp and reclaiming the land as its own.

The End

12 thoughts on “Lullabye Lumber Camp, a Bedtime Story

    • Believe me, the trees are doing quite well on the island, now that it is a National Park. We hiked through some lovely hemlocks that must have been seedlings when the loggers visited. So gorgeous!

  1. This is beautiful. It reminded me of the small lake where we vacationed every year. Someone put an old car in the lake, not to far from the shore, to create a fishing spot. I always thought that was strange, and I remember hoping that before they dumped the car in the water they removed the gas tank and the oil. But even so, I remember thinking it was such an unnecessary thing to do.

    • It’s funny, what people think are good ideas for wildlife! I hope they took out the toxics, too, before they dumped the car. In our lake, people sometimes sink dried-out Christmas trees for fish habitat. That seems like a better idea.

  2. We need more and more trees to make our planet a safe place otherwise the nature will take revenge. Feeling happy to know that the trees regrew again. Well shared 👌😊💐

  3. From the photo I thought it was going to be a scary bedtime story. OK, I imagined a scary story around a camp fire. Cleaver of you to combine lullabye with a bedtime story. It might make a good children’s book where the forest won in the end. I am glad the trees took over. Good story, Marie!

    • Thanks, Jo Nell. Telling a bedtime story seemed more fun than doing a regular blog post. Gotta mix things up every once in a while. If a person was afraid of nature, the story might be scary. I bet the former lumberjacks are rather horrified by what’s become of their camp. I’m glad the trees are taking over, though, too.

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