Canoeing “Old Blue” Down the Whiteface River

A story that began as a post on this very blog was recently published by “Northern Wilds” magazine. It details an adventure Russ and I had canoeing down the Whiteface River in northern Minnesota. As I began writing it, I quickly realized its magazine potential. So, I didn’t post it here.

The good news is, you can read it for free, just as if it were a blog post:


…I marveled that a trip that takes about five minutes by car could take three hours by canoe. But in a car, we would not have had the wonder of the white birds, a mermaid, and a lightning-blasted pine. Now, we have a mental map of the liquid emerald that flows beyond the screen of trees bordering the road.

10 thoughts on “Canoeing “Old Blue” Down the Whiteface River

  1. Marie this is great! (Did I miss when Russ became a husband?) I’ve never really canoed but your article makes me want to. I love the couple taking their geese out for a dip. Who knew?! I wouldn’t expect them to be obedient enough to return home!

    • Good catch about the “husband” thing. I don’t tell “everything” in my blog, so no, you did not miss anything. It’s been a couple of years now. Those geese were so unexpected and magical. Makes it worth getting off one’s duff and out into the world to see things like that.

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