Free Horror Story: The House

brown wooden window frames on white concrete wall

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As you may recall, I’ve been writing an anthology of short stories about deceiving appearances. I think I’m almost done with the collection. I’m currently working on the last story, or what I intend to be the last story – but we’ll see if any more ideas strike!

One of the spookier stories in the collection was just published on the website of a local group of Halloween enthusiasts who are collecting horror stories from local authors for future publication in a ‘zine called “Twin Ports Terror.”

My story’s title is “The House.” It’s a cautionary parable about curiosity. I characterize it as a mix of speculative fiction, mild horror, and suspense. A nameless woman is the main character. She walks by a house in her neighborhood every day — a house so nondescript that it looks like it’s trying just a little to hard to fit in. Her curiosity about the place sets her on a perilous path . . . .

Read more here to find out what happens to her!

Thank you to the Haunted Duluth folks for this opportunity to share my work. Thanks also goes to my writer’s group for their help and edits.

Writers from Duluth and Superior – Haunted Duluth is looking for more stories for their ‘zine. Click on my link above to access details.

2 thoughts on “Free Horror Story: The House

  1. Well done, Marie! You had me following the woman around in the dark and as she felt for things in the garage in the dark. I was sure the cloying smell was a body but too easy. I thought it would have made a good Twilight Zone episode. Congratulations! I enjoyed it very much as I sipped my afternoon coffee. Thanks!

    I have never heard of a man door in a garage. A local thing, I guess.

    • Thank you for your careful read of my story, Jo Nell! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I first heard the “man door” thing when we had a garage built. I think it’s a builder’s term to differentiate it from the “car door,” ha ha!

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