Unicorns in New York City!


The unicorn in captivity tapestry.

On our recent trip to NYC, Russ and I discovered there are unicorns in the city. Specifically, unicorns adorn tapestries in The Cloisters, a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to medieval European art.


The Met Cloisters

Atop its hill overlooking the Hudson River, The Cloisters takes visitors back to another era. Many of the buildings and chapels were transported over from Europe. They house sculptures, paintings, sarcophagi, stained glass and other master works from the 12th century to the 15th century. The halls are separated by courtyard gardens and outdoor gardens that will make you feel like you’re on the set of Romeo and Juliet or something.

One of our favorite rooms held the unicorn tapestries. These seven wall hangings were thought to be woven in the 1500s in Brussels. They depict the hunt and capture of a unicorn. The unicorn does not fare well with its encounter with humans. It’s held captive and killed. Or is it killed? Artistic scholars debate this, but what’s not debatable in the renderings is that people attack it. But I’m not going to show those tapestries here. They are just too mean! I will show a different one, instead.


The unicorn purifies water and is discovered by the hunters.

Enjoy this mini tour of The Cloisters.




Oh, and this is a unicorn thing that does something. I don’t know what, but it looks cool.

2 thoughts on “Unicorns in New York City!

    • Thanks, Jo Nell. Yes, we had a great time in NYC. I’m not all that keen on big cities, but the weather cooperated and we had our own personal guide in the form of family. It’s nice to get cultured once in a while.

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