Writers’ Bumps: An Endangered Condition? by Marie Zhuikov

I am honored that this post from my blog was chosen by Lake Superior Writers as the first by a local writer for their new blog. This Writer’s Bump post is one of my most popular. People from all over the world who are wondering what that bump is on their finger access it for answers. I remember when I wrote it, I had trouble finding any information about writer’s bumps. I guess my blog is now the go-to source for this condition, which is rather amazing!

2 thoughts on “Writers’ Bumps: An Endangered Condition? by Marie Zhuikov

  1. You are right, most young people would not know what a writer’s bump is. I have one that is fading as I pick up my pen to write less and less and don’t want to give up my laptop. Soon writer’s bumps will be extinct! Good post!

    • Many young people have replied to me original post, boasting about their writer’s bumps. This gives me hope they won’t go extinct and we don’t have to start a movement to preserve them. 🙂

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