In Which My Writing Inspires Theft

45400919_10155548206416386_4915007419303591936_nHere’s a peek into the glamorous life of a local author. I was at the mirror in my church bathroom today when a lady going into a stall stopped and said she enjoyed reading the cover story on American martens that I wrote for Lake Superior Magazine recently.

She saw the magazine in her doctor’s office and since she knew a new issue of the magazine was coming out soon, she thought it would be okay to take the magazine so she could send it to her grandchildren in Japan who love learning about northern wildlife.

I thanked her and told her that there are martens in Japan, too.

Afterward, the more I thought about it, the more tickled I became that she valued my story enough to steal it. Although, perhaps she needs to listen harder to the moral messages during the church service!

6 thoughts on “In Which My Writing Inspires Theft

  1. I am sure you were pleased that her doctor’s office carried the magazine and she read it and mentioned it to you. However, I don’t think it was ok for her to take it. It seems to me that physician’s office often have back issues. But…you are becoming recognized.

  2. Marie, this has me smiling and it must have made your day! 😀😀 It’s lovely to be recognised but for her to take the effort to send this all the way to Japan is quite something else! Very happy for you!

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