Yin Yoga in a Yurt

Hartley new yurt

Image credit: Hartley Nature Center

I seem to have a tendency to try different forms of yoga. Several years ago, I began regular yoga, then I tried hot yoga, then Thai yoga, and then aerial yoga.

Although I often practice regular yoga and hot yoga, in keeping with my yoga adventurousness, this week I tried yin yoga in a yurt.

The class was offered by Runa Yoga in Duluth. In addition to classes in their studio, they offer classes in different locations around town, including a Yoga + Beer class at a microbrewery.

We met at a city park inside a yurt owned by Hartley Nature Center. You may already know that a yurt is a round canvas tent with a wooden frame. This one was nestled in the woods, offering views of red pine tree trunks all around, and was large enough to fit 30 yogis.

The teacher said that yin yoga focuses more on stretching ligaments and joints than other forms of yoga. Our session featured live ambient music performed by two local musicians. I found it strange, however, that these musicians showed absolutely no emotion while performing. Even when the instructor introduced them, they remained stone-faced.

Is robotic-like behavior a prerequisite for ambient music performers? I have no idea. They DID smile after the class was all over, though.

It’s a mystery.

Their music was so ambient and so relaxing that at the end of class, when we were all in our final resting poses, I swear the guy in front of me started SNORING. Thankfully, he awoke once it was time to go, saving himself from further embarrassment. I wonder if anyone would have woken him at the end if he had just kept sleeping?

Yet another mystery.

Despite all the mysteries, or perhaps because of them, yin yoga in a yurt was cool. If you’re looking to switch up your routine, I recommend it. Just bring a friend along to wake you up in case it gets a little too relaxing.

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