4 thoughts on ““That Can’t Be Good:” The Husky Energy Oil Refinery Fire Crisis Communications Critique

  1. The first I heard about it was on your Facebook post. I am so glad that there were no deaths. There are oil refineries just across the bay from us and are aware of the dangers. Thanks for the inside look at communications. The choice of words is important! TGIF to you! Glad you made it home safely!

    • Thank you Jo Nell. It was a nightmare scenario because the refinery is located right near schools and colleges and a major river. Thankfully, local groups know the score and have practiced for just such a situation. But it does seem like there are some learning opportunities here, especially when it comes to communication.

  2. Conflicting communications during a fire outbreak is not good. I am glad you and others are safe. Heads ought to roll for jeopardising safety and no excuse for unclear safety evacuations. Have a restful wekend and blessings🤗🤗

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