Photo Caption Contest!



My family celebrated Thanksgiving early this year. This is my favorite photo from the memorable occasion. My dog Buddy is looking longingly at the turkey carcass.

It begs a photo caption. Suggest your best one by commenting below. I (the sole judge) will send the winner a free copy of my novel, Plover Landing. I will ship it anywhere in the world, so put your creativity caps on, people!

The contest will be open through Saturday, November 25. I will contact the winner privately for their address.

7 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest!

  1. 1. “I only meant to take one bite!”
    2. ” I wonder if she will suspect me?”

    If I can come up with something better, I’ll be back. I always loved The New Yorker cartoon contests. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, guess what, Ms. Crone? You win! My Facebook friends also offered captions like: “That bird must have done something really bad!” and “It’s such a ruff life I lead. This turkey’s beat, but I’m still watching you doggone it.”

    I’m such a terrible judge, that I’m going to let everyone win! I will be in touch via email about your address.

    • Oh, my, what a surprise! I hardly ever enter any type of contests but I will be delighted to receive a copy of your book. Also, I will look for you on Facebook to follow. I received your e-mail and will send my address. Thank you!

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