Hemingway’s Cats


A descendant of Hemingway’s polydactyl (many-toed) cats sits sleepily in a box on the front porch. My son took this photo.

I read in the New York Times recently that the multi-toed descendants of Ernest Hemingway’s cats at his house in Key West, Florida, all survived Hurricane Irma. The house fared well, too.


Hemingway’s home in Key West, Florida.

My youngest son and I visited Hemingway’s house about five years ago. We delighted in seeing the cats, which lounged around in the yard and in the house. One was even sleeping on Hemingway’s bed, below a painting on the wall that depicted the house surrounded by cats.



I am glad to hear that everything is okay there.


Hemingway’s writing studio above the pool house.



5 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Cats

  1. Someone mentioned it on Facebook. I was so glad to see that it survived! Husband and I visited it several years ago and loved the house and cats. And there seemed to be cats roaming all over Key West. Great photos! It brings back memories. I need to drag our old photos out. I think Husband took slides – ancient, I know!

    • Wow, slides. That is old school! Yes, I probably should be way more worried about the people in Key West than about the cats, but they are just so cute. I’m glad to hear that things are getting back to normal for you in TX.

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