Invisible Gold Medals for Mom


My parents in 1946, when they were married.


My parents on their 60th wedding anniversary in 2006.








My mother Dorothy passed away this week. She was ninety-two. Her passing was expected and it was peaceful. But that doesn’t make it any less painful.

I was looking through some of my parents’ old papers last night and I came across a one-page tribute that my father (an avid jogger who passed away this summer) wrote for my mother for their fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration twenty years ago. It’s a fitting tribute. So this is a guest post written posthumously by my father.

I want to thank each and every one today for helping us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

Dorothy is the master of ceremonies today, but this ceremony is for her, the master. In the Olympics, Carl Lewis was hoping to be the first one earning 10 gold medals. But alas, Dorothy just beat him out.

Her medals are invisible because they are coming from my heart. They are:

#1 Gold medal for best travel agent.
#2 Gold medal for best highway navigator.
#3 Gold medal for best mind reader.
#4 Gold medal for best budget maker.
#5 Gold medal for best psychiatrist.
#6 Gold medal for best homemaker.
#7 Gold medal for being a model mom.
#8 Gold medal for being my love.
#9 Gold medal for being my wife.
#10 Gold medal for putting up with me for 50 years.

(The script here says, “Tell her you love her and give her a big kiss.”)

I love you  XXXX

(Hold her hand and raise her arm.)

I recall that he really did kiss her, and then he raised her arm at the end of his speech, like they’d finished a big race together.

In the end, they both crossed the finish line of life not far from each other.

We will miss you, mom.


14 thoughts on “Invisible Gold Medals for Mom

  1. My sincere sympathy to you and your family. Your parents sound like amazing people. How do you ever prepare to say goodbye to your mom :(.

  2. Marie, what a wonderful tribute from your father to your mother. I especially like the gold medal for mind reading—it’s a skill every woman needs.

    I am glad your mother had a peaceful passing. I hope you are taking time to reflect on your relationship with your parents and solidify the memories you love.


  3. Marie, I am so sorry about the loss of your parents, just recently your mom. Even if it was expected it just wrecks your heart. It’s your mom. The tribute your dad gave to your mom was so great on their anniversary and so creative. My mom has been gone for two years and my dad counts the minutes until he can hold and kiss her again. I am sure your dad his holding your moms hand again and lifting high. Take care, Mary (Henderson) Zust

    • Thank you Mary Beth! I’m glad you found my dad’s tribute meaningful. When I found it in their papers, I knew it was too cute not to share. Best wishes for your dad. I hope he is able to find meaning in life even though you mom is gone. I appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your mother. We are never quite ready to let them go at any age. It seems they had a wonderful life and love. They made a happy and good looking couple even after 60 years of marriage. May the wonderful memories bring you peace. Thanks for sharing the tribute.

  5. Lovely tribute about your parents. My sympathies to you on the recent loss of your mother. I hope you can continue to find solace in beautiful memories, like your father’s sweet words you shared here. Thank you for sharing.

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