Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes

I was just in the grocery store, which seems to be my main form of socializing lately. I saw a display in the Kleenex aisle that caused a double take. “Dude Wipes.” Not baby wipes, or feminine hygiene wipes. Dude Wipes: flushable wipes guaranteed to combat stank and put you back on your game wherever and whenever nature calls.

With Vitamin E and soothing aloe, this product will give the user magical cool dude powers. And better yet, ten percent of the proceeds are donated to The Colon Club Charity.


9 thoughts on “Dude Wipes

  1. This is how marketing works. Men could purchase unscented baby wipes in an unlabeled pouch for a fraction of the cost but it wouldn’t be Batman-black and say “dude” on it. So, clearly this a superior product worthy of the 200% price increase per wipe. Because testicles.

    Women are just as gullible, actually more so. Many men’s and women’s products are virtually identically effective other than color and packaging but the women’s version is always more expensive. Because the pink color means somebody cares about her special womanly needs and she loves herself enough to spend extra on herself. That’s what love is, right Lululemon?

    Deodorant, shampoo, disposal razors–you’re always better off just buying the cheaper one, which is usually the men’s version. A pink or black bottle don’t getcha cleaner.

    • Thanks – I appreciate and understand your comments. It’s just that the marketing for this product is so outrageous, it’s funny. Even with the humor, I wonder what self-respecting dude would ever buy them on a regular basis. And do dudes care that they are boidegradable? I don’t think so. Do you think Dude Wipes will be around as long as baby wipes? I can see men buying them as a joke as a one-time thing. Maybe that’s what the producers are hoping.

  2. Backpackers care about biodegradable. On extremely long trips, it’s ‘cat-holes’, not ‘pack it out’. Plus as a retired firefighter who would sometimes not see the station until the end of the shift, a baby wipe is handy. The ‘manly’ and ‘Batman’ packaging will certainly save one grief from fellow FFs!

    • Hello CliftyCreekSoap. When I asked my ‘do dudes care if the wipes are biodegradable’ question, I had in mind the more stereotypical redneck version of dudes. But thanks for not letting me get away with that. From long association, I understand that firefighters and backpackers are not your typical dudes. I can see the usefulness of this product in those situations, although I suspect there would still be some mild ribbing involved. Not as much as if you used baby wipes, though. 🙂 Yours in the pursuit of cleanliness – Marie

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