Marie’s Meanderings in Review – 2015

Just some introductory notes to the annual report about my blog stats. I am tickled that the most popular image on my blog continues to be the “don’t put toilet paper down the toilet” image (featuring a frowning toilet). I posted this image in 2013 when my temporary roommate clogged my plumbing. I am happy to continue to provide this image as a service to the world, particularly to developing countries with poor plumbing.

My other most popular image was from my “Rockin’ the First Day of Kingergarten” post. Either there are a lot of pedophiles in the world, or people were just curious to see what I looked like when I was 6. (Ha!)

My most popular post was “The Rachel Files: The Final Entry,” where I talked about the fate of my temporary roommate (who had moved out by that time). Oh the drama!

Another popular posting was “Good Enough for Jazz,” in which I give counsel on how to overcome perfectionism – in writing and other areas of life. This is a service I am even more proud to provide than protecting a nation’s plumbing.

Four thousand of you from 79 countries have viewed my blog this year, and for that I am eternally grateful. Here’s to continued meanderings with you in 2016!

Here’s a link to the report: It also contains links to the popular posts mentioned above.


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