A Buddy Kind of Christmas

20151218_204557Marie is too busy preparing for the holidays, so I, Buddy the Wonderdog, am writing her blog this week.

I’ve helped with Christmas in other ways, too. I laid right down in front of the tree while Marie and my boy decorated it. I’m sure they appreciated the extra exercise they got stepping over me every time they put an ornament on the tree. It burned off all that eggnog they’ve been drinking.

Another way I’ve helped is by not tearing up tissue paper and gift wrap. That was hard because I love ripping it to shreds any chance I get. I also took Marie out of the house and into the woods yesterday on our favorite trail. The snow was pretty, and when we turned around to go home, the sunlight filtering through the ice-laden branches made her stop and stare. All that sparkling made my breath come out in little puffs.


EmmaLee – one of my girlfriends.

I had a good year. Nice people moved in next door, and they have DOGS. First they just had EmmaLee, a black retriever, but now they have Jillian, too. She’s a golden retriever. They’re my friends and I love playing with them. They even took me to their cabin once.

Plus this year I took my first ferry ride. After it, I walked around Madeline Island and swam in Lake Superior.

I hope all you humans stay warm this winter, and I wish you the best for whatever holidays you celebrate.

Buddy and Emily


4 thoughts on “A Buddy Kind of Christmas

    • Yes, my dog is 6 years old, so he’s better behaved around the Christmas tree than he used to be. But wave a little tissue paper in front of him and it’s all over! Thanks for your comment.

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