Organic Soup and Botox (or My Unpaid Job as an Ad Critic)

Campbells Soup

(This is just an image of the ad video. To watch the actual video, click on the link in the text below.)

If there’s another me in a parallel universe, I suspect she produces television ads, because one of my favorite pastimes in this universe is critiquing ads. Usually there are more ads I dislike than ones I like. But the other morning, I happened to see a good one: Campbell’s Soup’s new ad for their line of organic soups.

The ad features a small family: a son, mother, and father. It opens with the son using a glue stick at the kitchen table on an art project. The camera cuts to the mother, who is heating tomato basil soup on the stove. She tastes it and says, “I really like this organic soup.” The father, who is washing dishes in the sink says, “At least we know what he’s eating.” Then the camera cuts back to the son who is now licking his glue stick.

The irony made me LOL for at least a minute, even before I’d had my chocolate and caffeine for the day. Excellent ad — it should win something. And it fits with the brand’s tagline of “Campbell’s, made for real, real life.”

However, I should mention that some ever-astute YouTube viewers dislike the ad because the mother dips her spoon back into the soup after she tastes it, thus ensuring her family will catch some nasty disease (barring the acidity of the tomato soup and the heat).

As for bad ads, one I loved to hate a few years back was for Botox, a toxin that when injected into the body, relaxes muscles for months. It has a number of medical uses, including cosmetic — namely, smoothing facial wrinkles.

It’s bad enough that women willingly inject themselves with a toxin that paralyzes their facial muscles for the sake of beauty. Even worse is the commercial that encouraged women to use Botox to “express” themselves (“It’s all about freedom of expression.”) The only problem is the ad writers forgot the entire reason women use Botox is for freedom FROM expression.

That commercial made me yell every time I heard it.

Do you have any favorite ads or ads you love to hate? Any secret job you suspect you do in an alternate universe?

And no, Campbell’s Soup and Botox do not sponsor my blog. (Smile.)


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