My Favorite Tree is Gone

My favorite tree is now a stump.

My favorite tree is now a stump.

It took a long time for me to come to terms with cutting down a maple tree in my yard that was dying (see “Tribute to a Tree” from 2013), but I did it. The pileated woodpeckers had continued their pounding until the branches sported several foot-high holes (which, by the way, were not used for nesting). This spring, its leaves were sparse.

My tree was suffering and it was time to go before a strong wind or ice storm broke its limbs and endangered my shed, garage, or house. After procuring several price quotes, I chose a local company, which came sooner than I expected. I arrived home one day for lunch to see chunks of it carted away on a flatbed truck, the core of it as brown and rotten as a criminal’s heart.

What my tree used to look like.

What my tree used to look like.

I thought about making the trunk into some sort of statue or using the wood for a memento, but just the disposal of the tree was so expensive, I couldn’t think of doing anything so fancy. Plus the wood was rotten, so whatever was made from it probably wouldn’t have lasted. I counted the rings on the stump before it was ground up. The tree was at least 90 years old. I said a few words over the stump in remembrance.

Good-bye, favorite tree. I’m going to plant two young trees in the yard in your honor.


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Tree is Gone

  1. I can truly relate to your feelings about your Maple tree. I’ve a birch tree heading on the very same path. Woodpeckers are devouring it nightly it appears. I’ve planted from a found seedling in my yard a maple tree. It’s taken around 13 years, from found seedling to a grand tree well over 12 feet tall. I just hope one of the birch limbs don’t fall on my tender tree.

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura~

  2. Oh no, that’s so sad!! I totally love maples and their leaves. I have one behind my house, and our neighbours have a huge maple tree which is just in front of our house. I love having them there, and would be so sad if they died!
    Good luck with your baby maple trees! 🙂

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