Five Pieces of Glass

Today's five pieces of glass.

Today’s five pieces of glass.

As my youngest son and I walked our dog in the woods near our house, he noticed me picking up pieces of glass that litter part of the trail. Neighbors who have lived in the ‘hood longer than I told me the glass pieces are remnants of an abandoned car that used to rest there.

My son asked me what I was doing. I explained that for years, I’ve pick up five pieces of glass every time I walk the trail in a long-term effort to clean it up. I do it as long as the trail’s not covered by snow. My son said something like, “You should get an award for that.”

“I’m not doing it for recognition,” I told him. “I’m doing it to make our neighborhood a nicer place to live.”

That gave him something to think about.

So it is with interest I read the story circulating in the news lately about a man from the Netherlands who is doing something similar for a river that he walks along on his way to work. He picks up one bag of trash there every day.

He took photos of his progress and made a Facebook page about it (Project Schone Schie – which means the project to clean the River Schie). Eventually, neighbors noticed and began to help. The project went viral and he started a movement where other people are cleaning up trash on their daily routes. The news stories say people all over the world have been inspired.

I’m glad people are caring about the environment and their neighborhoods. As a kid, I used to organize neighborhood clean-ups of the vacant lot across from my house. A budding public relations professional, I even had a name for the campaign – the Kit Kat Kleanup Klub. I’m not sure my parents appreciated the increased garbage bill, but the work felt good and it was fun. Throughout my career, I’ve organized annual beach sweeps and helped with other clean-up efforts.

But now that I am older, I am content with quietly picking up my five pieces of glass. It’s meditative. It’s slow. It takes discipline to limit myself to only five pieces. I guess I don’t want the job to be over too soon.


8 thoughts on “Five Pieces of Glass

  1. What a lovely post you have here today, and you’re teaching your son about our planet and how to care for it. Bravo to you mom, and your son… re blogging this gem of a post ..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura

  2. Reblogged this on Is it really that easy? and commented:
    Dear friends, I would like you to take a moment to read this meaningful post from a fellow blogger of mine. I’m certain you’ll be glad you did..
    Enjoy your weekend, and take care from Laura ~

    • Dear Laura,
      Thanks so much for reblogging my post! I think you’re the first one to ever do that. I am glad to hear that my secret ritual resonated with you. (Well, I guess it’s not so secret now, is it?) I envy your ability to garden. I am hopeless at gardening. Maybe I’ll learn something by following your blog.

      • Marie, my dear you’re most welcome and rightly earned (re blog).. I love your blog and look so forward to your next installment.

        Gardening is the easy part my dear.. throw some seeds in the dirt and watch what happens.. I’ve found not to over water ~ drowning the poor little things..

        I’ve a big problem with slugs, marching in and nibbling over everything..

        Then I found out my hostas was the dinner bell for these hungry creatures.. they love certain hostas plants..

        Well, yesterday I went out and spent the whole of the day digging up my huge hostas plant that was very close to my garden and divided it into 5 plants, which is good for the hostas every 3-4 years anyway.

        I moved them away from my vegetable garden.. so far no sign of the slugs, but keeping my fingers crossed…

        Thanking you kindly for your comments.. they mean a lot to me, and I’m honored to be the first to re blog your post, so far..

        Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

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