Three Wishes

My new magic slippers.

My new magic slippers.

I was granted three wishes last week, but didn’t realize it until they were over. Have you ever had one of those weeks when things randomly and mysteriously work out?

It began with a pair of slippers. My house slippers were held together by pink duct tape that was slowly eroding (long story). When I put them on every morning, I felt a bit like Reese Witherspoon in the movie/book “Wild” where she loses her hiking boots and makes do on the Pacific Crest Trail with her feet and sandals wrapped in duct tape.

I decided it was time to class up my act, so I bought some new slippers during an after-holiday sale. I didn’t have time to try them on in the store, and I forgot that sizes run small for this brand. Once at home, I found they were too small. A few days later I returned to the store only to discover they were out of larger sizes in that style. Resigned, I chose a different style that I was less enthusiastic about, and brought them to the counter for exchange.

As I was explaining my plight to the cashier, I noticed a pair of the original slippers on the counter behind her. Might those be the right size? She said someone had just returned them and she checked the size. They were my size. Score! How lucky was that?

My second wish involved a shared lunch. It was Thursday and all my regular lunch people were otherwise occupied. As I sat in my office, wishing I had someone to go to lunch with, in popped a co-worker who asked me if I wanted to eat out. She and I had never lunched without others along, so this was a new thing. But now I had someone to eat with. Score!

My third wish involved my son’s indoor soccer game. The day of the championship game, I noticed I had an appointment that conflicted with it. I didn’t think there was any way to change the appointment, so I was resigned to missing the game. Soon afterwards, the phone rang and it was the appointment people. They wanted to know if I could come later. Scooooooore!

If I had known I was receiving three wishes last week, I probably would not have wasted one of them on slippers. I would have chosen world peace or a vaccine for Ebola. But having company for lunch and being able to see my son’s soccer game were pretty darn worthwhile.


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