What is That Thing?


I braved the sub-zero wind chills coming off the harbor to snap some photos of the Lake Superior Ice Project. The weather has finally cooperated, so Mr. Roger Hanson has been able to start making his creation on Barker’s Island in Superior, Wis. It stands about 22 feet tall now and it looks like . . . what do you think it looks like? Perhaps a long-legged dinosaur or Afghan hound? A strange Chinese pagoda?

He told my co-workers and me that it would be 70 feet tall, but now I see in news stories that he has upped that to 75 feet. Either way, if it gets that tall, it would be a world record.DSC01934

In one of the images, you can see a shot of water spraying onto the formation. Roger has a computer set-up that sprays water every four seconds, which forms the ice. People have started frequenting the parking lot to take a look, but so far, no traffic control is needed. I suppose that will change as it gets larger.

See my previous post for more information.


2 thoughts on “What is That Thing?

    • Yes, I do prefer the ice caves. But since the lake isn’t frozen enough to get to them yet, this will have to do! It’s been interesting to see how it changes on a daily basis.

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