The Lark Descended

This is a quick update to my previous post about the Lark, a replica of a 1913 sea plane that was built in Duluth and celebrated recently with a weekend festival. I am sad to say that the Lark crash-landed in the Duluth-Superior Harbor yesterday as its builders were testing its flight capabilities. News reports say the craft was “totaled,” but that no one was hurt in the crash.

I do believe yesterday was one of the first times the Lark was airborne. So the good news is that the builders know it can fly now. The bad news is that the landing needs some work! A small group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts labored over 5 years to build the replica, which attracted attention nationwide. I sincerely hope the crew takes time to mourn the damage but then gets back to work to rebuild it again. I’m sure the community will gather behind the effort and will want to help in some way.


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